• Blade 18cm/7” Approx.wt 220gms
  • Damascus steel with santoprene non-slip handle grip. Santoku knife.



Made using the finest Damascus 67 layered steel, the Santoku knife has a wide blade which is much less tapered than its European counterparts. It is well suited to slicing, dicing and mincing – the small indentations along its length make it easier to cut fine slices from thick pieces of meat or fish. This knife can also be used as a slice or pallet knife to transfer food from the chopping board to the pan.

Naifu D67 in action

Naifu for chefs

Mike Schneideman

founder Chef's Knife Store

NAIFU D67 KNIVES are beautifully made and suitable for use in domestic or professional kitchens.
These are truly the perfect knife sets for amateur cooks and chefs alike.

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