Magnetic Knife Block

Ideal for the safe and convenient storage of NAIFU 8 knife sets

and all the NAIFU range. Attractively constructed from compressed

and laminated bamboo this solid block is our recommended way to

have your knives safely to hand on the work top. Accommodates

up to 11 knives plus steel with up to 10” length blades.

Dimensions: Weight: 3.5 Kg. Height: 26cm, width: 22cm, thick:


Knives not included.


Naifu D67 in action

Naifu for chefs

Mike Schneideman

founder Chef's Knife Store

NAIFU D67 KNIVES are beautifully made and suitable for use in domestic or professional kitchens.
These are truly the perfect knife sets for amateur cooks and chefs alike.

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