Hone Your Knife Skills With A Tutorial From Martin Teplitzky


On Selected Knives

Chef Martin Teplitzky is an enthusiastic ambassador for Naufu Knives, exclusively supplied by the Chefs Knife Store. He believes Naifu to be the sharpest chefs knives he has used. He is, as you can read below, a chef of immense experience and uncompromising standards.

In this 12 minute video Martin gives a short master class of essential knife skills including:-

  • Using a paring knife to core, seed and chop tomatoes; hull strawberries; peel and segment oranges.
  • Using a Utility knife to French trim a rack of lamb.
  • Using a 6” Chefs knife to segment a chicken ready for cooking
  • Using an 8” Chefs knife to fine dice onions, julienne slice leeks and chiffonade a cabbage.
  • Using a Carving/slicing knife to serve a rack of lamb
  • Using a Filleting knife to bone-out mackerel
  • Using a Santoku knife to cut thin slices of tuna

Martin Teplitzky

In a career spanning over thirty years, Martin has owned two critically acclaimed restaurants in Sydney, Bon Cafard and the iconic Berowra Waters Inn, reviewed restaurants for the ‘Time Out Food Guide’, run a restaurant consultancy company and lectured in cookery at schools throughout the UK, including Leith’s School of Food and Wine, London. He has had a proud history of teaching and mentoring chefs, notably Sean Moran of Seans Panorama and Rose Gray of The River Cafe. With his produce-driven recipes and through applying culinary principles from around the world, he has created a cooking style that relies on sourcing the finest produce available and treating it with restraint and respect. He has won many awards during his career, including Chef of the Year in his native Australia and twice nominated for restaurant of the year in the UK.

Martin has returned to Sydney where he is establishing the new Take Two Eggs cookery academy.