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On Selected Knives

What a delight

I received one of your knives for a birthday present, what a delight. Extremely sharp and an absolute pleasure to use. Am now going to save for the larger knife.

Michael Langton

Thank you

I have just received the knives I purchased and can honestly say they are the best knives I have ever used. Thank you very much for your service!

Zachariah C


I recently bought a Tokyo set of knives from you. Just wanted to say what a fantastic set of knives they are and they fully live up to your description of them. Great value as well and I've only cut myself once!!

John McGloin

Thank you

Never got chance to get back to you. Always a bit of a gamble buying online unseen but the knives I bought from you in 2014 are fabulous quality and quite the best knives money can buy. THANK YOU

Paul Redstone

Wish we'd bought these years ago

I wish we'd bought these years ago. I've always liked the idea of good knives but been unimpressed by the price or the value. I came across reviews of these and bought on the strength of that. They are excellent and very good value for what they deliver. Well balanced and with very comfortable non-slip handles. A clinching bonus is the supplied knife sharpener. This is the conventional two-wheel type but what makes it different is a) a very broad base which makes it easy to hold steady. b) both hardened steel - for damage repair - and ceramic wheels set for the 15 degrees of these blades - European blades and sharpeners are usually 30 degrees. As the instructions say "drawing the blade lightly through the ceramic cylinders...should be all that is necessary Think of the sharpening process as if you are smoothing out the edge of a sheet of paper. There is no need to wear away metal." So it will be easy to keep these in good un-nick (forgive the bad joke). The whole lot comes wrapped in a strong roll which is not likely to be used but makes a good presentation if you are buying as a gift as I was.