Your NAIFU knives are precision made from the highest quality specialist knife steels. With a little care they will continue to perform perfectly for many years.

Never clean knives in dish washing machines. Damage can be caused by high temperatures. Dishwashing chemicals can also cause corrosion of the high carbon metal.

Always hand wash and dry as soon as practical after use. Do not leave to soak for any length of time.


NAIFU knives have been expressly designed and manufactured to have and retain razor sharpness. (In the case of NAIFU D67 the edge may be retained as much as 30% longer than other quality knives).

Depending on the intensity of usage all knives will require some attention from time to time.

Some mechanical grinding and other sharpeners can cause seriously damage and excessive wear.

In the case of NAIFU we strongly recommend using only a wet stone or the specially designed NAIFU SHARPENER.

Drawing the blade lightly through the ceramic cylinders every few days should be all that is necessary.


While filleting blades are intended to be flexible, chef’s, slicing and santoku blades are designed for straight cutting and should never be subject to sideways leverage.

Naifu D67 in action

Naifu for chefs

Mike Schneideman

founder Chef's Knife Store

NAIFU D67 KNIVES are beautifully made and suitable for use in domestic or professional kitchens.
These are truly the perfect knife sets for amateur cooks and chefs alike.

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