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D67 4 PC. Chef Knives Set Tokyo

This Chef Knives Set Includes:

  • Chef’s knife roll
  • Free knife sharpener
  • 8” Slicer/Carving knife
  • 7” Santoku knife
  • 6” Chef's knife
  • 5” Utility knife
Individual item price £235. Save £75 and get a FREE NAIFU SHARPENER.

Chef’s Knife Store’s products offer superior quality, crafted from unique Japanese layered Damascus steel and hand honed – each knife has its own distinctive marbled appearance.

8” Slicer/Carving Knife

With a much narrower blade than the 8”chef’s knife, the carving knife is especially designed to slice precisely through cooked meat, poultry and fish. The slip resistant grip offers accurate control and optimised comfort.

7” Santoku Knife

This Japanese style knife has a wide blade that is less tapered than its European counterparts making it suitable for cutting fine slices from thick pieces of meat, fish or poultry. Its name – Santoku, means three virtues or three uses and refers to the knife’s exceptional ability to chop, dice and mince amongst other things. It also conveniently doubles up as a slice or pallet knife allowing the chef to easily transfer food from the cutting board to the pan.

6” Chef’s Knife

The Chef’s knife is generally regarded as the single most important knife in the kitchen. The 6” is a more compact version of the larger 8”. A multi-purpose powerful utility knife equipped with a razor sharp edge, enabling the seemingly effortless cutting, chopping and dicing of large pieces of meat and fish plus chunky vegetables. It is also extremely useful for finely mincing herbs, garlic and onions.

5” Utility Knife

An indispensable knife suitable for a wide variety of preparation tasks such as trimming excess fat off cuts of meat, as well as miscellaneous cutting jobs such as dicing onions and peppers, slicing garlic, ginger and cured meats into fine slices amongst other things. Offering the chef exceptional grip, the 5” utility knife is lightweight and easy to use.

Free Knife Sharpener

Maintain your knives optimally sharp with our Naifu knife sharpener, suitable for all fine edged knives. Not for use on serrated knives.

Chef’s Knife Roll

The ideal way to store and transport your kitchen knives both safely and effectively.

Long Lasting Sharpness

  • Save £75 (individual item price £235)

  • Prices less than comparable ranges from others

  • 30 day full refund & 10 year guarantee

  • Ergonomic santoprene slip resistant handle grips

  • Excellent weight and balance

  • Free chef's knife sharpener