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D67 8 PC. Chef Knives Set New York

This chef’s knife set includes the following:

  • 9” Bread knife

  • 8” Slicer/Carving knife

  • 7” Santoku knife

  • 7" Filleting knife

  • 6” Chefs knife

  • 5” Utility knife

  • 3.5” Paring knife

  • Long prong fork

  • Free knife sharpener

  • Chef’s knife roll

Individual item price £389. Save £130 and get a FREE NAIFU SHARPENER.

Honed by hand, our Naifu knives are made using the traditional Japanese technique of layering with 67 layered Damascus steel – leaving each knife has its own unique marbled appearance. Naifu knives are considered by professional chefs and avid cooks alike, to be amongst the best kitchen knives in the world. (read more)

9” Bread Knife

The Naifu bread knife is an extremely practical kitchen tool to have around, it has a long sharp scalloped edged blade which cuts seamlessly through slices of bread without tearing. It is equally useful for cutting larger fruits and vegetables such as pineapples, melon or aubergine as well as blocks of semi-soft cheeses.

8” Slicer/Carving Knife

This long and sharp knife is designed for cutting fine slices of meat, poultry and fish off the bone in a precise and accurate manner. The handle is of a generous size and the slip resistant grip, provides the chef with delicate control.

7” Santoku Knife

The design of this multi purpose knife originates from Japan – it differs from its European counterparts due to its wide, less tapered blade with small indentations along the length. This makes it easier to cut fine slices from thick pieces of meat and fish. The word Santoku itself refers to three virtues in the Japanese language, in the case of the knife this means chopping, cutting and dicing.

7” Filleting/Boning Knife

The long, thin and exceptionally sharp blade of this knife is specifically designed for filleting and boning fish and meat. The knife’s flexibility allows it to stay in contact with the contours of the fish during the filleting process, providing a much cleaner result.

6” Chef’s Knife

An essential tool in any kitchen, the chef’s knife is ideally suited for cutting up harder items such as root vegetables, hard cheeses and fruits as well as slicing larger cuts of meat, poultry and fish. The generously sized handle has a forged bolster where the handle joins the blade, for added comfort.

5” Utility Knife

This knife is invaluable for a wide range of preparation tasks such as cutting excess fat from meat, French trimming a rack of lamb and various other tasks such as slicing tomatoes, ginger, garlic, onions, shallots, salami and so forth. The handle provides added comfort with its slip resistant grip and generous size.

3.5” Paring Knife

Ideal for small, delicate and intricate work such as peeling the skins of pears and apricots cleanly, removing seeds and a range of other tasks from coring, slicing, mincing to peeling a wide range of smaller fruits and vegetables. The handle is well sized, providing the chef with a good grip and accuracy.

Long Prong Fork

The long prongs on this fork make it ideal for stabilising joints of meat and poultry during carving. It is also useful for turning joints of meat that are roasting in the oven as well as transferring meat and poultry to and from the cooking pot.

Free Knife Sharpener

To maintain your Naifu knives razor sharp, use our free knife sharpener. Suitable for all fine edged knives.

Chef’s Knife Roll

Ideal for the storage and transportation of all your Naifu knives in a safe and secure manner.

Unparalleled Lasting Sharpness

  • Save £130 (individual item price £389)

  • Prices less than comparable ranges from others

  • 30 day full refund & 10 year guarantee

  • Ergonomic santoprene slip resistant handle grips

  • Excellent weight and balance

  • Free chef's knife sharpener