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D67 6 PC. Chef Knives Set Milano


  • Free knife sharpener
  • Chef’s knife roll
  • 8" Slicer/Carving knife
  • 8" Chef knife
  • 5" Utility knife
  • 3.5" Paring knife
  • 7” Filleting/boning knife
  • Meat fork
Individual item price £282. Save £93 and get a FREE NAIFU SHARPENER.


Crafted using Japan’s Damascus 67 layered steel technique, the Naifu chef’s knives are razor sharp and acclaimed by chefs and avid kitchen enthusiasts alike. Each knife is honed by hand and displays a unique marbled appearance. (read more)

8" Slicer/Carving knife

The long, sharp and narrow blade on this knife is especially designed for slicing cooked meat, poultry and fish from the bone with outstandingly clean precision. The generous sized ergonomic handle is slip resistant assisting in control and accuracy.

8" Chef’s Knife

An indispensable kitchen tool, the chef’s knife is without doubt the most important of knives. Finely balanced with a wide powerful, evenly curved blade, this knife provides effortless cutting, chopping, dicing and mincing of larger hard vegetables and cuts of meat. Its superior balance and proportion help to minimise fatigue during lengthy tasks. For added comfort, these knives have a forged bolster where the handle joins the blade.

5” Utility Knife

The 5” utility knife is useful for a variety of preparation tasks such as French trimming a rack of lamb, cutting and trimming excess fat from other cuts of meat. It is also ideally suited for slicing tomatoes, dicing onions, slicing ginger and garlic into fine pieces. Light in weight with a comfortable grip these knives offer a forged bolster where the handle joins the blade.

3.5" Paring Knife

Specifically designed for smaller fruits and vegetables, the paring knife is ideal for peeling, slicing, coring and mincing. Its blade is small but incredibly sharp and well suited to delicate tasks such as peeling soft skinned items e.g. peaches or apricots. The handle is of an exceptionally generous size, providing maximum grip and control.

7” Filleting/boning Knife

The 7” filleting and boning knife is specifically designed for the task of filleting and boning – filleting a fish requires a very sharp blade with flexibility allowing it to remain in contact with the contours of the fish. The knife’s handle is has a generous sized ergonomic and slip resistant grip for delicate control.

Free Knife Sharpener

In order to maintain your kitchen knives razor sharp, the Naifu knife sharpener is an excellent tool to have – suitable for all fine edged knives.

Chef’s Knife Roll

The ideal solution for storing and safely transporting your knife set.

Long Prong Fork

This long pronged fork is made from forged stainless steel and provides the ideal solution for stabilising joints of meat and poultry during carving. It is also useful for turning roasts in the oven as well as lifting larger items to and from the cooking pot.

Outstanding Sharpness

  • Prices less than comparable ranges from others

  • 30 day full refund & 10 year guarantee

  • Ergonomic santoprene slip resistant handle grips

  • Excellent weight and balance

  • Free chef's knife sharpener

  • Save £93 (individual item price £282)