On Selected Knives

"The balance is good, the thickness of the blade is excellent and the handle is comfortable for a long days use. I tested it with everything from chopping onions to carving meat, and it works like a dream.”

Luke Thomas, Luke's Dining Room

"Beautiful and well balanced knives with comfortable high-grip handles”

Phil Howard, The Square

“They are precisely weighted, crafted and engineered allowing the user to have complete control whether filleting, chopping or slicing. The high density rubber handles give extra grip compared to the more traditional knife handle which is great when dealing with wet ingredients like fish. I didn't say how sharp they were but the pairing knife did well on my hand when I was deboning some pigeons!”

Ed Wilson, Chef Patron Terroirs, Brawn, Soif, Green Man & French Horn

“These knives are so well balanced and I love the sharpness of the blades and more importantly how long they stay sharp.”

Daniel Clifford, Midsummer House, Cambridge

"These knives give sharp a new meaning."

Camilla Schneideman - Managing Director, Leiths School of Food and Wine

"The enduring sharpness, comfortable grip, assured weight and balance of Naifu knives significantly adds to the pleasure of any cooking. There is the satisfaction too that comes with handling really beautifully crafted tools."

Sara Saxon - Director, Tastingplates Ltd & Tastingplaces Ltd, Tel. 0208 964 1857
www.tastingplaces.com and www.tastingplates.com

"I am hugely impressed with the quality of the NAIFU range: they are beautifully made knives and they would be just as suitable for use in a domestic kitchen as in a professional one. They deliver exceptional sharpness and allow you to cut with absolute precision - I love using them."

Tom Aikens Restaurant Tom Aikens 43 Elystan Street London SW3 3NT

Damascus steel knives

If you have to stab your tomatoes before cutting them, you need to invest in some decent kitchen knives. These Damascus stell knives are terrifyingly sharp, allowing you to cut with absolute precision. Buy the Naifu D67 set of five knives plus knife roll and sharpener, for £157, and you'll save £67 on what you would pay for them individually (chefsknifestore.co.uk).

Look sharp

The Chef's Knife Store, an online enterprise of Mike Schneideman - the man who also set up Divertimenti - offers Naifu knives at affordable prices. The 6in chef's knife (left) costs just £49. Contact 020 8960 1020, chefsknifestore.co.uk.

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