Jambon Persillé


On Selected Knives

Jambon Persillé

To start things off here is a recipe that is very simple and delicious and that we love to make. It's a variation on a traditional Burgundian dish - Jambon Persillé.

Cook an unsmoked ham hock (desalt first if necessary by bring to boil in water which you then discard), very slowly for about 2 hours (until the meat is more of less falling away from the bone) in about an 8” lidded saucepan with onion, celery and carrots, and enough water and 2 glasses of white wine to nearly cover.

Chop the ham roughly (discarding half of the outside fat) into small cubes and in a bowl mix the ham with a tablespoon of small capers and two handfuls of parsley, well chopped with a really sharp knife like the Naifu 8" chefs knife.

Put the strained cooking liquid in a saucepan and reduce by about half, then add two leaves of gelatin and stir to dissolve.

Put the ham mixture into a suitable sized terrine or bowl, pour over the liquid and leave to set overnight in the fridge. Serve slices (very sharp chefs knife recommended) of the terrine with cornichon and toasted sough dough bread.

Jambon 1   Jambon 2   Jambon 3

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