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Camilla Schneideman, Managing Director of Leiths School of Food and Wine

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naifu d67

naifu d67 imgOur NAIFU D67 chef knives are made from Japan’s unique Damascus 67 layered steel. Honed by hand each knife blade acquires its own unique marbled appearance.

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Welcome to Chef's Knife Store

Save 33% and get a free Naifu sharpener with all knife sets.

Welcome to Chef’s Knife Store where we are devoted to developing and supplying chefs and dedicated cooks with the ultimate quality tools to compliment their pursuit of professional excellence.

While your obsession may be with the flavours, texture and appearance of the food you cook, ours is with creating knives of supreme sharpness, durability and sureness of grip.

Having the perfect knife is crucial for any chef. Most professional chefs would tell you that the most essential piece of equipment they use every single day is their knife. A trusted knife will make the preparation time much faster, lower the chances of cutting oneself, make the process much more efficient. These professional knives are meant to serve chefs and cooks alike and they also make a good option for your everyday kitchen knives. You will be amazed at the cutting  performance of these Japanese chefs knives.

We believe in giving a personal service and in fully standing by the quality of our products.

Please have a look at our high quality products that range from individual knives for different tasks to professional knife sets that benefit of great discounts.